For a Clearer tomorrow

Remote Interpreting available!


Transparency, clarity in messaging, and clear understanding. These are all vital aspects of building good relationship with others, and it is no different when the relationship is built on different languages. Here at CLEAR Japanese Consulting, we strive to deliver you the clarity that is required in the communication you establish with your Japanese counterpart/customer,etc. 

Why Choose our service?

  • Nearly 20 years of experience in Japanese interpretation in the Washington DC region, many parts of the US, Japan and Europe.
  • Experienced in various fields
  • Providing Remote Interpreting
  • You can skip the middleman and deal directly with the interpreters, which cuts cost and you gain the ease of communication with the interpreter(s)
  • A large network of interpreters that can be tapped into if you need more than one interpreter
  • A partner equipment company can help with your need for audio equipment for simultaneous interpretation