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Interpretation Services 

Remote Interpretation

  Covid-19 should not hinder your business from moving forward. With our experience using the video conferencing platforms designed for conferences with simultaneous interpretation support, we can assist you with your meeting remotely. 

  • Various Remote Interpretation platforms available (Zoom, Interprefy, Voiceboxer, ,KUDO, or the platform of your choice)

  • Most platforms provide technical support except for Zoom.

  • Wherever the meeting takes place, we can work based on the local time within a reasonable time difference between US East coast or West coast time.

  • Thorough technical orientation will be provided before the meeting to sort out any questions about the platform.

  • Consecutive interpretation can be delivered via Zoom, Teams or other video conferencing tools of your choice.

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Consecutive Interpretation

   You may have seen this mode of interpretation during smaller meetings. The speaker talks about 1-2 sentence(s) and pause for the interpreter while the oral translation is being provided.

   While the meeting time will double the length of time, this style of interpretation gives each side some time to formulate thoughts and speak more effiiciently.

In a Meeting

Simultaneous Interpretation

In-booth mode  

 This is a UN-style mode in which the oral translation is being rendered simultaneously to the speaker's speech and you will receive real-time interpretation with no time lag.


   Interpreters are situated on-site working from a temporary booth. Ideal for large scale conferences, symposium, speeches, panel discussion, etc.

Whispering mode

   Appropriate for social settings such as meals for 1-2 persons. The interpreter stands or sits behind the client and literally whispers the interpretation simultaneous to the speaker. 

Portable equipment usage

   Upon request, the interpreter can join at the conference room table and provide simultaneous interpretation with a use of portable equipment. This can also be done during a walking tour in a factory, hospital, etc. 

Copy of Rear view of Audience wearing an
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